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OstroVit Xylitol 750 g

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OstroVit Xylitol gives you the sweetness of sugar without any of the guilt. This Xylitol supplement is a substitute for sucrose or traditional white sugar. If you wish to cut back on your sugar intake or have diabetes and need a natural, healthier alternative then OstroVit Xylitol is for you


What is Xylitol?

Xylitol is a natural form of alcohol which can be found in the bark of birch trees, in vegetables and in fruit too. Just like white sugar, it is white and crystalline in its solid form, while in its chemical form it is colourless. It is as sweet as sucrose but with fewer calories.

Better yet, Xylitol has a naturally low GI (glycemic index) level which means it won’t cause a sharp increase in insulin levels when consumed by diabetics.


This supplement is beneficial for the body in many ways, one being its supportive role in the body absorbing calcium and bone metabolism. Research studies also site other health benefits including digestion, immune support, and oral hygiene.

Traditional white sugar is as we all know not very good for our teeth. Xylitol on the other hand has an ‘anti-caries effect just like fluoride you find in most toothpaste. It works to help prevent tooth decay and cavities so you can really feel guilt-free when adding this sugar substitute to your coffee, tea, or porridge every day.

Where to Buy

Here at Tiger Vit we supply only the best health food supplements on the European market. OstroVit is our chosen brand of Xylitol thanks to their high-quality ingredients and trusted reputation on the health supplement scene.

The packet contains 750mg of Xylitol at a very affordable price. This product is derived from the bark of Finnish Birch trees and is a guaranteed all-natural and high-quality supplement.

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  1. enda

    Nice alternative to have at home

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