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Protein is fast becoming one of the most popular supplements on the market as younger generations continue to take a keen interest in their health and fitness levels. Protein can be found in many foods but in order to build and maintain quality muscle protein supplementation can help you achieve your resistance training goals.

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What is Protein? (what is protein food too?)

Protein can be referred to as a macronutrient, a biomolecule or a complex molecule but all in all it is found in every cell of the human body and has many functions. Protein as a nutrient is responsible for building cells, tissues and repairing them also. It is comprised of long chain amino acids which are the essential ‘building blocks’ of protein.

This nutrient is essential for skin, organ, muscle and even hormonal health in the body both for humans and animals. Many people supplement their diet with protein for the purpose of building quality muscle but there are many other benefits to this dietary addition.

Protein foods include fermented products like sourdough bread, chicken, eggs, nuts, dairy products, broccoli, lentils and steak. Those who are following a vegan diet may find it more difficult to get enough protein from their food daily so they will also benefit from a vegan protein supplement usually made with pea protein or soya protein blends.

How Much Protein Should I Take?

How many grams of protein should a person take in a day? This depends on your activity every day and your age but typically you should consume 0.8g per kilogram of your weight.

What Does Protein Do for the Body?

Proteins work within the body to build and repair cells and tissues which is essential to organ function, skin health and muscle growth. As proteins are made up of amino acids, which are essential to human health, proteins are also responsible for the production of hormones and enzymes in the body.

What is Whey Protein?

Whey protein is made using animal sources of protein which are easily digested by the body. Amino acids present in the supplement allow for the building of muscle mass and the prevention of muscle breakdown.

This form of protein is traditionally the go-to for athletes and those looking to build muscle mass while training. Although vegan forms of protein are emerging on the market, whey remains the most popular choice for customers thanks to its taste profile.


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