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MCTs(medium chain triglycerides) are a type of saturated fatty acid that have been connected with numerous health benefits.


Many people who regularly consume ‘standard Western’ diets have generally been  led to avoid MCTs, perhaps because of a misconception that all manner of saturated fats can be harmful. Recent research however has given another picture.

People living in tropical areas, for instance, have long been consuming saturated fats. These include coconuts, which are a tremendous source of MCT. Over 60% of coconut oil fatty acids are MCTs. And since there has never been any ill-effects due to this consumption, you needn’t worry about it for yourself. Some foods high in MCT include cheese, butter, whole milk and full-fat yoghurt.

MCT Oil Uses

So what can it be useful for? With anything, blindly believing that it can help with a certain problem isn’t advised. Nevertheless, there’s evidence so far that it can be of use with weight loss, promotion of a healthy heart, energy levels, mood, digestion and inflammation.

Possible Side Effects

Because it’s naturally found in a number of foods,  there’s a general tolerance for MCT oil. If anybody has a negative reaction, it’s usually insignificant but can potentially come in the form of nausea, diarrhoea, vomiting, or just a troubled stomach.

In order to prevent this, it’s recommended that a person begin with a low dose(a tablespoon per day, if you’re not taking a supplement), and gradually increase. If you consume MCT oil with other foods you can reduce any digestion problems.

Also, people at risk of heart disease or other such conditions are advised against taking large amounts of MCT oil, as MCT may influence risk factors which contribute to cardiovascular disease. As always, a person should consider consulting their doctor before adopting anything new into their body.

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