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Lysine is an amino acid, which is a building block of protein. Because the body cannot produce lysine naturally, unlike other amino acids, people must introduce it to their diets if they want to take advantage of its benefits. Foods that can help provide it include dairy, fish, meat and eggs. It’s also widely available to people in supplement form.


Many proponents of lysine supplements claim that it can have positive consequences against a wide range of health issues. In some lysine supplements you’ll also find an ingredient called L-arginine, which is another amino acid essential for the body.


Among the conditions which lysine supplements are used to combat include:


Cold sores



Weakened muscles and athletic ability

Thus far there’s insufficient evidence to solidify these claims, but results from many studies remain promising.

Among these studies was one conducted in 2010, which concluded that a merging of L-lysine and L-arginine was one of the most effective supplement treatments for anxiety relief. Findings suggested that this anxiety was lessened due to the normalising of specific hormones associated with the stress response.

There are also preliminary research efforts being done which suggest that Lysine may increase calcium absorption, which points to it being a candidate for helping protect against bone loss.

Lysine Risks & Side Effects

Evidence points to Lysine supplements being safe for most people once they’re taken in measured doses, although potential side effects can include diarrhoea and stomach pain. Pregnant women and those breastfeeding are also advised not to take them, as enough evidence has not been gathered.

Naturally, if you plan to take Lysine supplements, consult your doctor before doing so. Should you get the all clear, always check for third-party lab tests carried out on the product before purchase.

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    Perfect for anyone prone to cold sores like me – this is great quality.

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