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About Tiger Vit

Tiger Vit is Europe’s leading supplier of health food supplements, catering to a wide variety of supplementation needs for all customers. We stock the most common supplements used by women and men like Vitamin D, Protein powder, L-Lysine and much more. We offer vegan and vegetarian options of vitamins too and highlight this upon purchase for your convenience and peace of mind.

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Our Mission

Here at Tiger Vit we also pay close attention to current trends on the health food supplement market. More innovative, but less common supplement options like Lions Mane extract and CBG Oil are the future of food supplementation and so we ensure all kinds of safe, contemporary choices are available on our e-commerce store for consumers.

We stock the best of the best when it comes to quality and affordability so you can buy in bulk at a reasonable cost. Our weekly newsletter offers subscribers the chance to avail of various discount and offers each week.

Who We Are

Tiger Vit is a health and food supplement e-commerce store founded in Dublin Ireland. We are as much of an e-commerce store as we are a health initiative, determined to enhance the vitality and wellness of people all over Europe through high quality, diet supplementation.

Every person is different, as is their diet and health concerns. That means what works for you may not work for your partner, sibling, or friend. Here at Tiger Vit we have a variety of supplements to add to equally varied diets. Whether you wish to supplement your diet for a particular health concern, hormonal reasons, mental health or general immune support and wellbeing then we have something for you.

Dean is our founder and the face behind Tiger Vit food supplements. He is passionate about supplementing his own diet with natural, high-quality plant extract and vitamins to maintain a healthy body and mind. With so much dependence on prescription medications, and over the counter remedies, Dean wants to spread the knowledge of plant power and naturally sourced supplements for both women and men.


Why Should I add Food Supplements to my Diet?

At different points in our lives, we may find that our health is not what it used to be or has deteriorated for some reason, often due to stressful, busy lifestyles. Many people choose to add food supplements to their daily routine to support their immune system and an area of their health which is not as healthy as they would like (or once was).

Other people, who choose to follow a vegan, vegetarian or other alternative diet may wish to use food supplements to replace things like animal proteins and fish oils to ensure they are getting all the nutrients they need without meat, fish or dairy.

Lately more people are turning to relatively new and popular food supplements like CBD and CBG oil for the benefit of their body and mind. Hemp extracts are gaining traction with consumers as more research is carried out and anecdotal evidence mounts for its benefits. Similarly mycelium or mushroom extracts which are edible and safe to use daily are gaining a following for their natural, potentially beneficial effects on the human body.


It is important to note that any supplements you choose to include in your diet daily are not sold as replacements or substitutes for a balanced diet. As the name ‘supplement’ suggests, vitamins, minerals and plant extract sold by Tiger Vit are simply a healthy addition to a varied diet to ensure all nutrient requirements are met to suit you as an individual.

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